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Stay right at home instead of going into an assisted living facility. Let our senior helpers assist you with your in home care needs. Our caregivers are like Angels of visiting that can ensure your senior home care needs are met. As you age, you may start to look for possible locations to which you can reside in. Many seniors are looking for caregivers Los Angeles so that they can take refugee and safety in. However there is a large basis for many seniors not wanting to stay in an assisted living or nursing care facility. Many seniors prefer to stay right at home instead of going into such arrangements for their care needs. In Los Angeles California, you can find some great caregivers that can deliver in home care needs. Business For Senior Services is an in home senior caregiver agency that services seniors in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley, And the Ventura County areas with senior home care giver needs. We can assist with male and female caregivers in Southern or Northern Los Angeles


Business For Senior Services has been dedicated to serving seniors for years with Caregivers Los Angeles with their medical and non medical caregiver needs. We can assist you with arranging a male caregiver or a female caregiver depending on your choice. In addition to non medical care being our speciality.

There is no caregiver job too big or too small for us and our caregivers to assist you with. Our caregivers are trained to be able to assist with a wide array of care needs such as Alzheimer care and more. Once your enroll with Our Senior Home Caregiver Agency we will take you through the rest of the process. We have an on call 24 Hour Line so you can always contact us regarding your care needs if need be.

Caregivers Los Angeles Screening Process:We don’t settle with just a typical screening process. Our senior home caregivers Los Angeles from 24 Hour Caregivers undergo a strict screening process to which we make sure they have had a background check, Medical Clearance, DMV record check, TB test, CPR card and drug testing. We understand that quality home caregivers Los Angeles begins with having a great zeal and understanding of home care. Our staff have all worked either as caregivers or nurses. This means when you talk to our phone representatives they have all had working experience in working as either a caregiver or a nurse.

Caregivers Los Angeles by 24 Hour Caregivers are well-trained and experienced in several areas such as assisting you with walking, bathing, incontinence, dressing, preparing meals, medication reminders, Alzheimer’s/dementia care and transporting you to the grocery stores or when you need assistance to a doctors appointment. We believe that professional caregivers are expected to handle their patients with boundless reverence and compassion that is why we have selected the best caregivers and nurses to take care of you. We make sure our senior home caregivers have a great sense of compassion for our seniors in Los Angeles California. Our senior services include the following areas: Home Care (Non Medical) Home Health Care (Medical),Alzheimer’s/ Dementia Care
Stroke Care,Parkinson’s Care, Special Needs Care. In addition we can also service the following: Assisted Living Facilities- board care, congregate care, adult home care,Nursing Home – Skilled nursing care Independent Living – Senior housing, senior apartments, retirement communities,Domiciliary, InContinence Care 24 Hour Los angeles nurses 90210 – In your residential homes or apartment

Why Many People Are Turning To Caregivers Los Angeles By 24 Hour Caregivers
It used to be at that one time elders did not have caregivers Los Angeles services for their in home care need s. The only choice for many seniors was an assisted living or a nursing home. The need for senior home care services ( medical and non medical) are indeed becoming more popular. Many seniors want comport keeping in their homes and prefer staying with right at home care in their places of comfort. According to census data compiled by HISC over 35 million people, or about 12% of the U.S. population, are 65 and older. This figure should likely double by the year 2026. In home senior care services such as those by Los Angeles Caregivers by 24 Hour Caregivers should ease the stress of many who will be seeking in home care support. According to the NPDA the cost of a nursing home is about $ 69,000 dollars a year. The cost foe an assisted living is about $ 37,000 dollars a year. As we speak about 80% of seniors are paying out of pocket. Many long term care policies can assists seniors with home care needs. So if you are seeking in home care and needs Los Angeles Caregivers feel free to give us a call and we are happy to assist you.

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Caregivers Los Angeles And Home Health Care Services
As we help dynamically change lives for those needing Los Angeles Caregivers, we are also dedicated in supplying you with medical care if you need the assistance. Our in home health care medicare and medical services can help assist you with skilled nursing care needs Our home health medicare services can provide you with skilled nursing, parkinson’s care, stroke care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, social services, and certified home health aides. Our Los Angeles Nurse Caregivers have undergone a thorough medical training from which they have gained all the necessary skills in the medical field to better assist senior with their in home care needs. Some of the senior services that our senior home caregivers and nurses Some of the services they provide are monitoring or vital signs, changing of wound dressing, IV services and managing your diabetes. We also provide therapy sessions for our clients who were injured or to those who need support in strengthening the injured body part. With physical therapy, patients are able to improve their mobility and physical strength. While with a speech therapy, we assist seniors to swallow, speak and breathe better. The occupation therapy handles their daily tasks which include walking, eating and many more. Since they are licensed nurses, we guarantee you of getting the most reliable assistance on all these services.

Why Choose Los Angeles Caregivers By Business For Senior Services
With no hourly minimum rate, we guarantee our Los Angeles Caregivers will come at a much more affordable price patients of getting the highest quality service from us. We provide around the clock customer Los Angeles Caregivers with all our patients so when they get up at night, we assure you that they have someone to accompany them. Our Los Angeles Caregiver Agency is a trusted home health care agency in California. We are an accredited home health senior caregiver agency, Licensed Home Health Care Senior Care Agency, And Insured Home Health Care Senior Care Agency. In order to widen our Los Angeles Caregivers workers we endeavor in working with a number of home health care institutions to assure each of our patient will be getting a complete attention and care. These Home Health Care Agencies act as our partners in giving you with an excellent quality care that will meet all your needs. Once you sign up with us, you will get a 100% assurance that our services will all be worth it if not we will refund your money back. Thus, if you are looking for a reliable home care institution, we are the place that you should go.

Caregivers Los Angeles From 24 Hour Caregivers Can Help Prevent Many Problems Seniors Face !
Every year many seniors fall and are seriously injured. According to the center for disease control over 90,000 falls cause deaths in the United States Alone. Over 2 million seniors are treated for falls each year in the emergency department for fall injuries.Over 700,000 patients a year are hospitalized because of a fall injury, most often because of a head injury or hip fracture.Each year at least 250,000 older people are hospitalized for hip fractures.More than 95% of hip fractures are caused by falling, usually by falling sideways.
Falls are the most common cause of traumatic brain injuries (TBI) Adjusted for inflation, the direct medical costs for fall injuries are $34 billion annually.Hospital costs account for two-thirds of the total. Falls along with other major issues such as bathing, cleaning and a host of other problems seniors endure can easily be prevented with a cost effective caregiver.

Long Term Care Insurance (LTC) Accepted For Caregivers Los Angeles
We are a long term home care provider that can work with a number of different insurances, we accept any long term care insurance whether it comes from a small or big company. Some of the long-term care insurances that we accept are ACSIA Partners, Mutual of Omaha, Bankers Life, Genworth Financial, Guide One, John Hancock, New York Life, State Farm, Transamerica, Mass Mutual financial group, Med America, Metlife, Conseco, Northwestern Mutual, Pacific Way and many more. Our Main Address is 17418 Chatsworth Street Suite 201- C Granada Hills CA.Click On The City Below That Your Are Closest To you. In addition some of our Major areas that we services are Beverly Hills, Encino California, San Fernando Valley, Ventura County, Thousand Oaks, West Hills, Woodland Hills

Los Angeles Caregivers And Life Alert
Many seniors are the victims to falls and other life threatening medical emergencies. Even with the help of Los Angeles caregivers programs like Life Alert can help increase the response time to anyone who is in need. The faster the paramedics respond to you the faster the problem can be resolved. Programs like Life Alert may be what you need. To learn more please see HERE to see senior citizen testimonials on life alert you can see ” Testimonials On Life Alert”

Home Care And Assisted Living
An Assisted Living community assists residents with activities of daily living and basic care support in a homelike or apartment setting. Residents receive three meals a day, recreational and social activities, housekeeping, linen service, apartment maintenance and transportation.Trained caregivers provide attention and assistance with medication management, bathing, dressing and cooking 24-hours a day. In addition, staff will coordinate services with outside healthcare providers and monitor residents to ensure they are healthy. Many seniors may have a hard time transitioning into an assisted living thus we can help provide private caregivers to assist them in their needs.

What Is Home Health Care ?
Home healthcare is what we called a skilled requirement care to help someone get healthy while at home. When you get Home Health Care you get the following services. Some of the many services that you get with Home Health Care are Skilled nursing,physical therapy,Pain Management,Caring for wounds,Prescription management and other forms of skilled nursing care services. If you have Medicare give us a call today and we can see if we can help assist you with your Home Health Care Needs.

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